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the last mile or so of a journey that, for some reason, seems to take much longer than it should.  It feels as though you're about to cross the finish line and collapse in the dirt, but instead there are still more twists and turns and then, even when the race is over, you still have to find your car and drive home.


Mind you, a Wheady Mile is better than a Pisgah sight, which is when, like Moses on Mount Pisgah looking at the Promised Land, you can see something whilst knowing that you'll never get there.


trail running  -  ultra running  -  obstacle course racing  -  expedition  -  fitness

If your biggest dream rhyme with one of the above, getting coaching at your fingertips, with a human experience, can help you reach that goal.


The human machine is an amazing one; it can produce great results.  But it doesn’t function like any other machine such as your smart phone.  You are smart, no doubt about that.  But mind you, you are much more complex than a phone.  So why stubbornly attempt to follow an immutable training plan and expect to perform the program just like a computer does?


So let’s partner up as your next adventure is awaiting for you!  Together, let’s create a customized plan that is right for you, and make you have a personalized experience all along the way.  We meet on video or audio chat EVERY WEEK for you to learn, stay motivated, and track your progress.  We constantly adapt your training plan as you evolve, while respecting your objective, lifestyle, and environment.

Athlete in ultra distances and adventurer myself, I know exactly what you can go through physically and mentally.  Coaching is not a science.  Coaching is an art that uses science.  Running these events are 50% physical, and 90% mental.  This is where, as a coach and experienced athlete, I come in.  So not only we build a running plan that is flexible and adaptable to suit your lifestyle, but we also address strength training and mental training skills.  I offer you more than just a training plan, I offer you a relationship with someone who believes in you and cares about the dreams you want to fulfill.



“Hélène, c’est mon coach depuis le début de mon aventure et ce depuis plusieurs années. C'est premièrement une athlète hors pair. Très peu de coach ont son expérience dans son domaine. Ses succès ont été durement gagnés et ce genre d’expérience est mis à ma disposition. Je peux parler de ses expériences et bien comprendre les défis et surtout l’entrainement mental et physique nécessaire pour réussir.

Deuxièmement, Hélène est vraiment à l’écoute. Chacun des entrainements est adapté à mes besoins. Quelques fois c’est des besoins que j’exprime. La plupart du temps, c’est des besoins qu’Hélène découvre en me connaissant bien. Pour elle, l’entrainement c’est à propos de moi, mes objectifs, mes ambitions, mes passions.

Troisièmement, Hélène est inspirante. C’est dur à expliquer, mais elle me fait découvrir des passions et m’encourage à poursuivre des chemins que je n’avais jamais imaginés. Depuis que je la connais, j’ai accompli beaucoup plus que mes objectifs originaux lors de notre première rencontre. Elle vit dans un monde magique de défis incroyables et m’invite à y participer et à me dépasser en tant qu'athlète et personne.

Finalement, Hélène est une personne merveilleuse. Les entrainements ne sont pas des bootcamps avec un "drill sergeant" qui te cri des bêtises. C’est un réel plaisir de travailler et côtoyer Hélène l’athlète, la coach et la personne.  Pour moi, elle est unique et irremplaçable.

—  Ronald Bastien, 55, 160 km trail


Hélène Dumais's mission is to inspire people to transform their lives and nourish a community that shares and carries out the values of authenticity, achievement, adventure, health, and courage.  She is an athlete who became the coach she was looking for but never found.  Caring, she is committed to see you evolving in your own journey as a strong athlete and amazing person.

She is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, certified Spartan SGX Coach and Course à Pied.ca running coach.  She possesses over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and competitive endurance athlete.  She walks the talk.  The trails and the gym are like her second home. See her athletic resume.


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

  • Certified Spartan SGX Coach

  • Course à pied.ca Running Coach

  • International Endurance Athlete

  • Certified Massage Therapist

  • Motivational Speaker

CrossFit Level 2

Course à pied .ca

CrossFit Scaling

Spartan SGX Coach

CrossFit Level 1


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