Meet the Inspirational Jack!

Jack is 9-year-old. He just ran the Buckley’s Chance 25k off trail race 2016. (With a few wrong turns, he covered about 32k!) After the race, the muscle soreness was easily overwritten by the satisfaction and fulfillment he got out of reaching his goal. He enjoyed every minute of it. It was magical and refreshing to see him. Jack is not special because he was the youngest runner out there, but because he was a true representation of “Dreaming Big”. His strength came from the combined forces of the body, mind, and spirit. He trained his BODY with discipline to be able to run this distance in trails. (His parents told me he followed a training plan design for him by his coach.) He did his “MI

I Am Because You Are

As much as my trip Down Under will have been very short, I can say I sucked out all the marrow of every moment of it! This feast of completing the Dingo's Double (Survival Run Australia + 50k off trail race 12 hours later) has only been possible because of amazing people: You. It all started with an email from race directors, Emilie and Chief, saying the Dingo’s Double challenge was waiting for me. When these two fell in love with the concept of Survival Run, they brought it back to Australia and worked countless hours to make this event possible. Because of them the tribe grew bigger. They are humble, authentic, generous, lovable… They are just the right people in the right tribe. Because o

Digging Down Deep Down Under

At the completion of a Survival Run, there is no award that can equal the feeling of accomplishment we have with ourselves. The competition is not with the others but with anything within ourselves that can potentially stops us. When someone finishes, he/she can declare: I DID NOT FAIL. I did not fail at being a stand for my dream, and what I believe is possible. At Survival Run Australia 2016, four individuals did not fail with themselves: Tegyn Angel, Glenn Sedwell, Curtis Pote, and myself. Because I was the third survival runner to pass the finish line, I received a third place overall award. This gesture reflects the world-known concept of a podium, which is recognition to the three firs

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