My Own Divine Comedy

In the Divine Comedy, Dante travels from Hell, to Purgatory, and then gets to Heaven. I created my own version, and changed the order to start with Heaven. I find Paradise much more appealing than anything else to begin with. Don't you think? I never purposely searched for Heaven. But when I crossed the Hawaiian Ko’olau Summit mountain range in 2015, I found out that Paradise on Earth does exist. Mind you, the sayings are true: it is very tough to get there! Then, curious as I am, I went to check out what Hell looks like. I got to flirt with the Devil in the Survival Run Nicaragua and the Devil’s Double challenge in 2016. I have to admit that his charm made me dance from dusk till dawn, and

My Xmas Gift to You!

What will be under the Christmas tree this year? What will you put in the Christmas stockings? Here are gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones who, just like you, have a tendency to play hard in life! Feed your dreams, your body, and your upcoming races and adventures! For Canadians: #FuelYourGoals with this 10% discount using the code XPLORE-ENDURE10 on any order at Xact Nutrition. Try the new Disco Pack that just came out, and benefit from its launch special price as well! #PureStrength is always what we really want, right? Combine your training sessions with Strong Bars Nutrition, and you’ll get where you really want to be! Healthy, clean, organic, 9g protein, and with a strong ethic

Little Red Went Down Under, Where the Big Bad Wolf Is a Dingo Dog

photo credit: Ondrej Garaj Everybody loves heroes. They are fictive characters or real persons who choose to take a stand for what they believe in. No matter how hard it can be, or how long it can take to get there, they will fight for it till the end. The heroism lives in their journey; where they conquer obstacles and forge themselves into stronger individuals. A hero's journey tends to follow a cycle of steps from the Call to Adventure through the Hero's Trials to the Return Home. All of these steps help transform everyday people into legendary heroes. Let me tell you about my hero’s journey at Buckley’s Chance Races 2016: Call to Adventure. I received an email from race directors Emilie

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