Little Red Went Down Under, Where the Big Bad Wolf Is a Dingo Dog

Survival Run Australia 2016. Photo credit: Ondrej Garaj.

photo credit: Ondrej Garaj

Everybody loves heroes. They are fictive characters or real persons who choose to take a stand for what they believe in. No matter how hard it can be, or how long it can take to get there, they will fight for it till the end. The heroism lives in their journey; where they conquer obstacles and forge themselves into stronger individuals.

A hero's journey tends to follow a cycle of steps from the Call to Adventure through the Hero's Trials to the Return Home. All of these steps help transform everyday people into legendary heroes. Let me tell you about my hero’s journey at Buckley’s Chance Races 2016:

Call to Adventure.

I received an email from race directors Emilie and Chief Brabon to do the Dingo’s Double, which requires completing the Survival Run Australia followed by the 50k Buckley's "Off" Trail Ultra only 12 hours after.

The Refusal.

Fear of failure makes the hero refuse at first: “I am not ready for this... The pressure is on me because I completed the Devil’s Double in Nicaragua... I can’t afford travelling on the other side of the world…”

Crossing the Threshold.

You follow the path of a hero when, even with great fear and many uncertainties, you choose to step into the adventure. My biggest challenge was to deal with the pressure of performance, having been the only woman to complete both Survival Run and the Devil’s Double in Nicaragua 2016. I had to accept the invitation, and then face any result I would get. Every time you get out of your comfort zone, you grow up. Dreams are not there waiting for you; you have to chase them! Fear of failing won’t go away. It is your access to success. You must take that leap of faith, with all your fear and passion, and trust the process.