My Own Divine Comedy

Packing for the third and last attempt of crossing the Ko'olaus in Hawaii in 2015.

In the Divine Comedy, Dante travels from Hell, to Purgatory, and then gets to Heaven. I created my own version, and changed the order to start with Heaven. I find Paradise much more appealing than anything else to begin with. Don't you think?

Crossing the Ko'olau Summit mountain range in Hawaii in 2015.

I never purposely searched for Heaven. But when I crossed the Hawaiian Ko’olau Summit mountain range in 2015, I found out that Paradise on Earth does exist. Mind you, the sayings are true: it is very tough to get there!

At the finish of the Devil's Double 2016

Then, curious as I am, I went to check out what Hell looks like. I got to flirt with the Devil in the Survival Run Nicaragua and the Devil’s Double challenge in 2016. I have to admit that his charm made me dance from dusk till dawn, and from dawn till dusk. I bet this mean character is the one who put a curse on women at every moon cycle. He sure