Once Upon a Time an Angel and Devil Fell in Love...

"When I was born, the devil said, “Oh shit, competition!"

– Anonymous

To become the first and only woman to ever finish the Survival Run Nicaragua is quite an accomplishment. To take 2nd place on the 100k ultra less than two days after, and become the first and only woman to ever complete the Devil’s Double challenge is small miracle. But when you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change. The devil changes you. And though this “small miracle” was the result of over a year of hard work, my dance with the Devil’s Double humbled me. I now realize I didn’t fight this holy crusade alone - it took an army of friends and family.

I Believe in Angels Because I have Friends Like You

My epic feat at Fuego Y Agua 2016 happened because people believed in me and supported my dream to conquer the Devil’s Double. For that, I want to thank you all. Many names and faces go through my mind. Whether you were at the events in Nicaragua or cheering from Canada and USA, you were all there with me.

To Josue Stephen, the creator of the hardest and most beautiful and humbling event I have ever seen: Thank you. This is more than a race. This is a real and profound human experience.

To all the volunteers, fans, fellow runners, and media crew members: Whether you handed me watermelon, smiled at me, fixed my blistered feet, listened to my nonsense zombie monologue in the dark night, shared breakfast, washed my calves, gave me a piggyback, cheered me on the road, gave me a block of ice to calm the fire in my quads, told me you were going to be there when I finished, I thank you all.

I also want to give my respect and admiration to five very special men: Paul, Dylan, Johnson, Arian and Curtis. It is an honor to share in the completion of the Survival Run 2016 with strong athletes like you. You have not only strong bodies, but strong minds and big hearts as well. Humility is what made you all successful in this test of the human mind, body, and spirit.

My thanks to all the women who helped me or congratulated me: I could feel how meaningful it was to so many to have a woman complete this almost impossible task. Seeing how supportive you were really touched me. With wild eyes and loud cheers, your exuberance and zeal fueled my passion - making me a woman on fire. Many of these women saw me as an inspiration, but it was quite the opposite. I was humbled. Yet, I felt fulfilled because my mission as an athlete and adventurer is to keep people's hope alive to accomplish their own big dreams.