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I am no motivational speaker.
I touch and inspire people through meaningful and empowering conversations.

To inspire is what I do best.

To motivate, teach and lead people to take action in their own life is what I do best when I speak.

I am an influential female role model. My athletic abilities are only one aspect of who I am. I am an athlete with a message to share. My mission is to keep alive the faith for all people to accomplish big things for themselves. I am a sherpa of dreams!



  • Infinitus 888k: Veni Vidi Vici!

  • Become the Hero of Your Own Adventures

  • The Art and Science of Going Further (with co-speaker Sébastien Boucher)

  • Beyond Dreams

  • ... Any captivating storytelling of one of my 50+ races or adventures!

  • ... Any custom demand for your needs!

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Dream Big.  Then Dream Bigger.

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